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Hello and Welcome to Dog Breed Yard Signs!

Dog Breed Yard Signs was born in the year 2000. Jim and I were already creating unique gifts from wood and hand painting them. I have always had a love for dogs and wish to create their likeness for all to enjoy.

We have had our signs at Dog Shows, Craft Malls, our web site and eBay. Many people around the United States and Canada have bought yard dogs and are very happy with them. I have done special requests - people have sent me pictures of their dog and I have painted their signs to look like them. They have been extremely happy with the results.

The signs are made from a material called marine density overlay plywood. This is what boats, billboards, etc are made from. It is a sturdy, weather resistant board. The dogs are hand painted and coated with two layers of a non-yellowing clear coat. A piece of steel conduit is screwed onto the back making it easy to insert into the ground. The reason for using the steel conduit is 1) you are not pounding on a stake nailed to the sign and possibly damaging your dog. You can unscrew the conduit, pound it into the ground and then reattach your sign. 2) The conduit is not going to rot like a wooden stake would.


Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say!

" I purchased all three nativity sets from you last fall. We have enjoyed them so much ourselves. This is the second Christmas that we have had them displayed in our front yard. The response this Christmas Season has been so overwhelming, I just had to write you both and share. We've had numerous neighbors stop by, knock on our front door and ask where we purchased our nativity. Just the other day we came home and a lady was in our driveway in her vehicle writing a note (to put on our front door) asking where we purchased our nativity set. The comments on our Facebook page have gone through the roof. So many have noticed our nativity sets from Wabash and keep on commenting on how beautiful they look." Angie N - Illinois

"You've captured the likeness to Spartacus perfectly ~ great job! They both look fantastic and thank you very much! Great job and we'll be referring you folks to friends out here. Can't wait to get started on the gate project. --- Finally, after most snow has melted, here is the finished gate with Spartacus and Abby mounted on each side."  D. Munro - Washington

"These look GREAT Ann. Just to let you know Ann that we received the Bogie yard sign and it's GREAT! We love it! Thanks so much."       Regards, S Obee - Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the sign today. I love it and I can't wait to get it put out. Much Thanks for you effort and workmanship." Sincerely Yours, Jane Davie

"I received the yard signs while we were away on an Alaskan cruise. We put it up immediately and also gave one of the others to another Bichon owner. She put it up today. They are just lovely. Great quality. Thanks again." - Janet

"Finally got to take a picture. I think they are great and everyone that sees them says the same. Thanks and the best of luck to you!" - Anne

"HELLO :) I got my sign and it is very cute. Thank you. My Chumly likes it too. Take care and thanks again." - Angela

"I just totally love him. He is perfect!! You are great, so talented!!! I can't wait for my gray one. Thank you again." - Helen, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Toni just let me know that she received the items and she is absolutely delighted with them! She adores them. She told me that she put one next to each of her dogs and had a great laugh. Thank you so much for bringing such pleasure to her. She would like to know if you would like a photograph of your pieces alongside the live Frenchie counterparts so you can see for yourself how closely they resemble each other, especially the cream color." - Donna, Peabody, MA


September 29 & 30 -    Apple and Pork Craft Show Clinton, IL

November 17 - Vinegar Hill Craft Show, Mt. Pulaski, IL

December 7, 8, 9 - Carlinville Christmas Market, Carlinville, IL