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Here you will see our current dog signs. Click on an image to see a larger version of the photo and for ordering information. If you do not see your dog, feel free to send an email requesting a special made sign. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us. Note: Conduit will not usually be seen when displayed.


Most dog signs are priced at $25.00/each before shipping.


Australian Silky Basenji Basset Hound (black) Basset Hound (dark brown) Beagle (dark) Beagle (brown, white & black)


Other items available either at our craft shows or for pick up in Springfield, IL. Contact us for more information

Nativity Sets

Snowmen and other holiday decorations

Beagle (sniffing ground) Bichon Frise Border Collie Boston Bull Terrier Boxer Boxer (brindle)
Boxer (silhouette) Cairn Terrier Chihuahua (black & white) Chihuahua (black & tan) Chihuahua (brown) Chihuahua (long- haired)
Chihuahua (silhouette) Chow Chow (black) Chow Chow (brown) Cocker Spaniel (black) Cocker Spaniel (black standing) Cocker Spaniel (brown)
Cocker Spaniel (brown standing) Corgi Dachshund (black & tan) Dachshund (long-haired) Dachshund (red) Dachshund (silhouette)
Dalmatian (crouching) Dalmatian English Bulldog Fox Terrier (wire-haired) Fox Terrier (smooth-haired) French Bulldog (black)
French Bulldog (cream) French Bulldog (pied) German Shepherd Japanese Chin Labrador  (black) Labrador (chocolate)
Labrador (yellow) Maltese Maltese (silhouette) Miniature Pinscher Old English Sheepdog Pekinese (brown)
Pekinese (Light Brown) Poodle (cream) Poodle (black) Poodle (black standing) Poodle (gray) Poodle (silhouette)
Poodle (white) Poodle (white-standing) Pug (black) Pug (fawn) Retriever (black) Retriever (yellow)
Rottweiller Rottweiller (silhouette) Schnauzer (ears-down) Schnauzer (ears-up) Schnauzer (black, ears-up) Schnauzer (black, ears- down)
Schnauzer (ST) Schnauzer (VI) Scottish Terrier (black) Shetland Sheep Dog Sharpei (black) Sharpei  (brown)
Shih Tzu  (black & white) Soft Coated Wheaton Springer Spaniel (black & white) Springer Spaniel (brown & white) West Highland Terrier Yorkshire Terrier